Dragon of God that is a Man  LbNA # 39882

Placed DateMay 19 2008
LocationGlobeville, CO
Planted Byspidermann    
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Once upon a time, there was a Dragon that was a Man about 150 years ago around Denver. The city within the city was called Globeville.

Within this city (now long forgotten) was a pleasant park called Stapleton. When the folks that slayed the Dragon with a magical stone buried the memory of the famous beast, they chose this peaceful park to hide it's memories.

In this park along one edge there is a stand of trees guarded by the Dragon's faithful watchdogs. These canines are caged, though their magical voices can be heard as you come close to the Dragon's memory.

Within this stand of trees is one tree that is the smallest, yet fullest and proudest guarding one edge of the memorial. Under this tree is the age-old stone that had slayed the Dragon of God. This marker hides the memories of the Dragon of God that was a Man.

Please be sure to tread lightly and see if you can not awake the guards and do remember to bury the gravestone back with just a trace of it showing.