The Wooden Child  LbNA # 39893

Placed DateApr 13 2008
LocationSanibel, FL
Found By Tulsa Two
Last Found Oct 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Welcome to the lovely Sanibel Island. Your search begins at the south end of the island at the home of Geppetto's son. Start by facing the main retail door and go around the left of the building, through the parking lot. Go to the back row of the parking spots, along a line of trees. From the left side, count 6 spaces in. About 10 feet deep into the trees, there is a many trunked ficus. Look about 4 feet off the ground for a crook on the back side. There, hidden by a leaf, you will find what you seek. Please recover it so that it will be there for the next visitor. Write where you are from and the date - Thanks!! Be sure to sample the treats at the store - you will no doubt return every day as we do...