Forget Me Not Troop 1391  LbNA # 39908 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 19 2008
LocationBel Air, MD
Planted BySpider Woman    
Found By Go4th
Last Found Sep 1 2008
Hike Distance?

This box was hidden by Girl Scout Troop 1391. This troop met at Homestead/Wakefield Elementary School during their early years and wanted to "leave their mark". After being introduced to letterboxing, they decided to plant one on the grounds of the school.
Caution: There may be poison ivy and an occasional snake along the trail.

Start by parking in the lot next to the Homestead Building.
Once in the parking lot you will need to look for twin cedar trees near the dumpster. This is where you will begin.

Start by standing between the twin evergreen trees.

Walk up the trail that lead to the Wakefield building and go halfway until you see another trail that branches off to the left.

Follow that trail (you may see a blue arrow on a tree), until you pass a tree with carvings to the left. Continue on past a tree with a hole in the bottom of it on the left and telephone pole on the right.

Walk to the tree with a big "wart" on it ( you may also see a white and blue arrow on it) and stop.

Take about 30 steps until you see a large rock on the left.

Turn 90 degrees to your right and take 12 steps toward another large tree with carvings on it.

Walk half way around the tree and with your back to the tree, take 10 more steps to the tree stump "sculpture".

On the left side of the stump, there is a hole with rocks on top. Under the rocks, you will find the box that you seek.

Please send us a postcard and let us know that you found it!

Thanks for visiting our box - and "Forget Us Not"!