Crisis of Modernity  LbNA # 39941 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBicicleta Power    
Placed DateMay 19 2008
LocationLakeville, MN
Found By Bicicleta Power
Last Found Aug 21 2012
Hike Distance?


The tree this box was hidden in had fallen, keeping the box trapped. However, It has been found and put inside the base of where this tree has been split apart - no discerning clues except to look for the camo tape. Updated May Day, 2011.

For Hitler, marching was a technique of mobilizing people in order to immobilize them. Apart from the manifest purpose of any specific march (whether to attack domestic enemies or occupy other countries) Hitler’s marchers became passive, powerless, non-thinking, non-individuals. The entire information complex – which includes education, research, information services, and information machines as well as communications – has the potential of becoming the functional equivalent of Hitler’s march. Thus, consumption today – as both the driving force of modernity and the immobilizing scourge of the western populace – can be inextricably replaced with the marching evoked by 1940s fascist rulers.
“[Consumption] diverts men’s thoughts. [Consumption] kills thought. [Consumption] makes an end of individuality. [Consumption] is the indispensible magic stroke performed in order to accustom the people to a mechanic, quasi-ritualistic activity until it becomes second nature.” – Hermann Rauschning, Hitler’s close colleague.


Enter the town of Lakeville on the I-35 and County Road 46 exit. Head East.
Turn Right onto Ipava Ave and follow it until you find the park with the large white obelisk that sustains this peripheral ring of modernity, known as suburbia.
Park your car, or if biking stay on it and take the path leading from the clubhouse down the hill to the South-East past the playground.
Keep on the path as it winds into the marsh-lands past the two boulders on either side of the trail, past the lamp post and around the bend, down the straight and around the right bend.
Passing the lamp post after this right bend, walk to the next post on your right.
Whoops! Too far, turn to the West and walk 27 paces, then turn North and follow the cleared path into the woods.
22 paces in, find and face the boxelder tree with three tilted trunks. Walk to the trunk leaning furthest to the North-East.
Crouch down and find a long piece of wood shielding the box inside the split trunk. Gently remove the wood and replace when successfully logged.