Piggle Wiggles  LbNA # 40014

Placed DateMay 17 2008
LocationKensington, MD
Planted ByHappy Camping    
Found By LuckyStar
Last Found Jul 31 2008
Hike Distance?

Once there were two very cute Piggle Wiggles who were very good friends. After school one day they decided to go for a swim, but before they got there a very big dog started chasing them. They were very clever Piggle Wiggles so they decided to hide until the dog passed. While they were hiding they decided to see how many people could find their hiding place, and now it’s your turn!

1. Start in the lower parking lot of Kensington Parkwood Elementary School, Franklin Street side.
2. Go right until you reach Beach Drive. (There is no sidewalk the last 2 blocks so be careful.)
3. Go across the nearest crosswalk on Beach drive.
4. Follow the paved path.
5. Look to the right for a dirt path (before four cut logs). If you reach a bench on the left, you have gone too far.
6. Follow the path to the creek.
7. Continue around to the right and be careful not to fall.
8. Keep going until you reach a tree arch.
9. Follow the arch to its end and there you will find the Piggle Wiggles’ hiding place.