The Red Door  LbNA # 40044

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateMay 20 2008
LocationMacon, MO
Found By Straighty Scooby
Last Found Jun 1 2008
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This location is bound by operating hours.

In downtown Macon find a door
Red in color for this store

“Other things” are what you’re looking for
Although at this place they have more

A challenge will be this box
The door you will usually find locked

Friday and Saturday they say are best
Usually closed all the rest

Sorry the schedule is not set
Just makes it more of a challenge to get

Once you are sure you’ve found the door
Go inside, it won’t be a bore

Browse the shelves of randomness
But do so with finesse

Find the 25 cent drawer
You need to look into the core

In this game of Hide & Seek
Find the one and have a peek

Your problem now is how to log
And keep the attendant in a fog

The owner knows the box is here
And has given us the clear

The workers though, they know not
About the box in this spot