Sophia's Little Ladybug  LbNA # 40061

Placed DateMay 23 2008
CountyPrince William
LocationManassas, VA
Found By Moofie & Blaze
Last Found Jul 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Sophia’s Little Ladybug

Signal Hill Park, Manassas, VA

This is a short walk - about 1/2 mile (if that long), and this may be hard to find discretely during soccer season.

Go to Signal Hill Park. Drive down to the bottom of the hill in the last parking lot (well below the playground and pool).

Head down the paved path toward the soccer fields.
Almost immediately, you will pass between two Japanese Maple trees, which will put you at a four-way intersection. Turn right.

At the fork (you will see a Dogi-Pot here), head to the left.

As you enter the woods you will pass a decrepit wooden sign on your left. It says nothing.

Walk along the path through the woods and pass two benches. As you follow the loop, stop when you can see the blue building in the distance – before you leave the woods.

Look up to your right. You will see a very large two-trunked tree. Go to the tree and stand behind it.

Take a compass reading of 220° - and head 11 paces in that direction.

(Please note – in my book, a pace is two steps – i.e. left, right = one pace)

Now take a compass bearing of 160° - and head 8 paces in that direction.

Finally, take a compass bearing of 120° - and walk until you find a tall evergreen tree that is leaning to the right at about a 30-40° angle. Look at the base of the tree – you will find the Little Ladybug. It is well hidden.

Please make sure you hide it well after you stamp!!