G is for Genesee  LbNA # 40077

OwnerFront Range Hiker      
Placed DateMay 24 2008
LocationGolden, CO
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Apr 11 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is conveniently located along the Lariat Loop, for everyone doing the Lariat Loop series.

The denvergov.org web site describes Genesee Mountain as offering a 360-degree view at its 8,284-foot summit, with Mount Vernon Canyon below. Bald Mountain, at 7,988 feet, is a prominent point on the north side of the park. The low point of Genesee Park is 6,280 feet at the bottom of Clear Creek Canyon.

Directions: take Interstate 70 to exit 254. Follow the signs to Genesee Park (on the South side of I-70, turn right at the T intersection). Travel on Genesee Mountain Road uphill to the top of the mountain. During winter months, the road may be chained off about .7 miles away from the top. You can park in the large lot near the chain and walk the rest of the way to the box (gently gaining 150 feet in elevation).

After parking at the summit, take one of the trails uphill to the flagpole. A new flag is presented to the city of Denver on Flag Day each year to fly here. Enjoy the views, then step away from the metal pole and take a compass bearing of 112 degrees. Look downhill for the trail that begins at this bearing.

Make your way to the trailhead. Walk down the dirt trail, passing through an area where there are small rocks embedded in the trail. When the trail becomes rock-free, look to your right for a pair of "kissing" pine trees about 8 feet off the trail - two large Ponderosa pines growing two feet apart, with a bush (mountain mahogany?) at their base. Make your way to the back of these trees. "G is for Genesee" is hiding under pine needles, covered by a flat rock.

The nearby rock formations make a great place to sit and stamp in. The box contains a hand-carved stamp, handmade logbook and first finders prize. There is no ink, please bring your own.

PLEASE rehide well, making the area look as natural as possible.