Isaac's Beetle  LbNA # 40124

Placed DateMay 24 2008
CountyPrince William
LocationManassas, VA
Found By MrsEWH
Last Found Mar 12 2012
Hike Distance?

Isaac's Beetle

Joseph D. Reading Park, Manassas, VA

This is a VERY short walk - but is a nice playground to play and have a picnic!
Park your car and head to the playground.
Take the paved trail to your left.
Count the bench at the playground as the first bench.
Pass one more bench.
Before you get to the third bench stop and look left into the woods. You will see a double trunked tree. Head into the woods here, pass the double trunked tree and look on to see a tree with 5 trunks. Go past the 5 trunked tree and see a tree with 3 trunks. When you get to the 3 trunked tree, look at about a 45 degree angle to the right. You will see a fallen, rotting tree. On the right of the break (where the base of the tree might have been) on the far side, under the log, Isaac's Beetle is hidden.
Please be careful, there are depressions around this log deep enough to make you trip (I did!!).

Please rehide well (don't want any mugglers finding my box!!).