SWS: Turtle  LbNA # 40127 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFront Range Hiker      
Placed DateMay 24 2008
LocationWheat Ridge, CO
Found By T-N-T
Last Found Dec 10 2010
Hike Distance?

SWS: Turtle is the third box on the EASTERN loop of the Clear Creek Trail in Wheat Ridge.

Turtle petroglyphs are found in many areas of the SW US. Turtles love to swim in water, so Clear Creek is a perfect environment for our little turtle friend.

After finding SWS: Roadrunner, continue east on the cement trail You will pass a sign that says "Private Property Ahead", please stay on the cement trail. After you pass the "Private Property Ends" sign, take the dirt path to the right until you come to an open area next to the creek. In early May, there were two waterfalls across the creek.

After enjoying the waterfalls, continue 65 steps in a northeast direction along the creek. Take the dirt trail on your left for seven steps. STOP. On your left is a fallen tree limb. SWS: Turtle is hiding under bark in the center of the fallen limb.

Box is a camoflagued lock and lock container. It contains a hand carved stamp, hand made journal and first finders prize. Please bring your own ink. Remember to REHIDE well. Thanks!