SWS: Roadrunner  LbNA # 40129

OwnerFront Range Hiker      
Placed DateMay 24 2008
LocationWheat Ridge, CO
Found By T-N-T
Last Found Dec 10 2010
Hike Distance?

The SWS: Roadrunner box is the second box on the EASTERN section (east of Kippling St) of the Clear Creek trail in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

In addition to being the state bird of New Mexico, the Hopi and Pueblo Indian tribes believed that the roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits.

After finding SWS: Bear Fetish, proceed east along the cement trail, In a short distance, you will see a speed limit sign on the right side of the trail. Take the first dirt trail on the left after this speed limit sign. When you come to the first Y - take the path on the right. Cross over a dry gulch, then turn right at the next Y in the path. Take ten steps along this dirt path and stop. Look to your right to see a log split into two pieces at the base of a tree.

SWS: Roadrunner is hidden under bark and the log on the right side of the crack.

After stamping in, continue along the dirt trail to return to the cement trail.

Box is a camoflagued lock and lock container. It contains a hand carved stamp, hand made journal and first finders prize. Please bring your own ink. Remember to REHIDE well. Thanks!