Alchemy Series #3: Oil and Wax  LbNA # 4017 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 25 2003
CountyNew Haven
LocationGuilford, CT
Found By Gizz
Last Found Aug 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Westwoods Trail System

Take Peddler's Road Entrance (#2, I believe) which starts out on the White Trail. (Technically, the White trail is still closed due to the risk of falling hemlocks, but you won't be on it very long and we saw no risks.)

Take the left onto the Green Trail.

Go down to the water-level, where there are many skunk-cabbage plants. Keep going...
Pass the stone wall to your left (it's easier to see coming back).
Keep going...
(it's not too far - we didn't have much time today)
When the trail is heading somewhere between 160 and 180 degrees, there will be just on the right a three-trunked tree with a large single boulder behind it. To your left will be a rise, and more rocks. From the rock, take 5 smallish* steps to a blazed oak tree. (It's fairly young still, less than a foot in diameter.)

From the blazed oak, take 28 or so steps up the hill, east. Facing south there should be rocks on all sides, and mountain laurel to your north and south (in front and behind you). The rock which is at about 75 degrees, or to your left if you are still facing south, has this box beneath it; this rock is a bit crumbly in parts and so some chunks of pink granite from it have been used to hide the crevasse at the base where the letterbox is.

Notes on the trail:
Westwoods is still in partial closing; taking the Green is allowed, but no connecting trails are currently open, so you'll have to turn back at some point or risk taking the orange, which is closed, back. It is highly advised to pick up at map of this system beforehand; they are available at the town hall or the hardware store on the town green, or at the rec center on Rt. 77 just past the town green.

*Note on my pacing: My paces are single steps. I am five feet tall; thus my paces are probably short for most adults.