Three Generations  LbNA # 40187

OwnerGlobal Nomads    
Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationAlbert Lea, MN
Found By the hills
Last Found Jun 17 2012
Hike Distance?

The kids choose the animals for the stamps, Mom carved the stamps, and Mom and Grandma hid the letterboxes!

Clue difficulty: Easy

Walking difficulty: Easy. Partly over paved trails, and partly unpaved trails on a short path. You’ll also need to be able to wade through the woods a short distance. There’s a city park—Pioneer Park—about 1/3 mile past the second box. With a lovely view of the lake, a covered picnic area, and a playground under construction but looking nearly complete in May 2008, it would be a great place to continue on to for lunch or a snack.

Box #1
This follows a small portion of the trail around Fountain Lake in Albert Lea. Start at the parking lot off Richway Drive near Brookside School, the water tower, and the city boat landing. Take the paved path to your heading south, past the community gardens. This newer paved path intersects repeatedly with an older, unpaved trail which hugs closer to the lake shore. Follow the paved path past the first time that the unpaved trail emerges to the right of the paved path. The unpaved trail and the paved path will meet up ahead near a lamp post. About 20 feet ahead, the unpaved trail breaks off again to the right and there is a culvert and small pile of rocks near the start of the unpaved trail. Follow the unpaved trail for about 100 paces (1 pace=2 steps) until you reach a large downed tree to your left lying parallel to the path, with a large standing tree just past it, leaning over the trail. The letterbox is in a waist-high stump near those two trees, facing away from the unpaved trail. Please use caution when retrieving and replacing the stamp—you are visible from both the unpaved trail and the paved path.

(Note: This letterbox is in the last third of the unpaved part of the trail before it rejoins the paved path, so if you get to the paved path, double back and scrutinize the last part of the trail.)

Box #2
Continue on the unpaved trail until it rejoins the paved path, just before St. Theodore’s Catholic cemetery. Enter the wooded area to your left just before the cemetery. The letterbox is at the base of a very large tree in the middle of the wooded area about 20 paces in. Just behind this large tree is a very large downed tree. The box is at the base of the large standing tree, on the side away from the trail. Please rehide well!

To continue on to Pioneer Park, follow the paved path and then city streets as they circle around the lake, past St. Theodore’s Cemetery and a second cemetery before reaching the park in about 1/3 of a mile.