Sculpture Park at Sugar Grove  LbNA # 40204

Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationSugar Grove, OH
Found By snoopers
Last Found Nov 7 2009
Hike Distance?

You will need your own ink pad, stamp, and any other boxing materials you have.

From Route 33, turn at Tarklin Road. You will want to go straight on Tarklin under the bipass bridge and then turn L on to Old Logan Road. Continue straight and you will see the big hawk on your L. Go to the parking lot.

Park at last parking space next to handicap spaces. Go N to the kiosk.
Now, go 40* , 52 paces, to the highway light pole but stay inside the fence. DO NOT CLIMB OVER.
Go approx 42 paces to the hawk. Now look NE for the wooden post at the corner of the fence line. Go to it.
What you seek is at the bottom of corner post under a board and leaves.

Please replace contents and package back where you found and hide well. Thank you and happy boxing!!!!

**NOTE** More sculptures are currently being placed in the park, so these clues may be changed in the future. Also keep a look out for more boxes that may be added in this park after those scupltures are placed.