Snoopy Series  LbNA # 40206

Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationLancaster, OH
Found By Adventureseeker2014
Last Found Apr 12 2014
Hike Distance?

You will need an ink pad, stamp, and any other boxing materials you need.


From Route 33, just south of Lancaster, turn on to Stump Hollow Road. Turn Left on to Old Logan. Continue on Old Logan until you reach Alley Park. It will be on your right.

Drive into the park and park in the parking lot on the right. Walk up the paved driveway to the Lake Loretta Sign at the lake. Make sure to observe the beautiful lake.

Ok so now lets look for snoopy. Why is he running?

Stay on the paved road. Turn Right on to Buck Run trail, before the cover bridge. Go up the hill.
At the next trail sign, go left on to Christmas Fern Trail. Where is snoopy running to? Perhaps to where Vultures Roost. At post 14, go down the hill past post 9. At post 2, notice the covered bridge and lodge in front of you. Now, now, snoopy would not make this hike that easy. Continue on trail which will wind SW. Now you will be on Blackhand Trail. At the next trail marker, go W. What is this? Snoopys paw prints go straight on Blackhand Trail, not where Vultures Roost.

Stop at the next trail sign. Whats that to you left? Maybe thats snoopy's tail. Go 90* on to Cove Trail. Stop at the big fallen tree on the Left. Is that snoopy behind the tree? He is in the big end of the tree behind a log.

Follow Route 33 south and turn on to County Road 116 just south of the hocking county line. There will be a Sunoco gas station on your left.

Follow the road to Clear Creek Metro Park. You will pass a big leaning rock on the Left side of the road. Continue on road and park in the Clear Creek Metro Parking Lot on the Left side of the road.

Follow the Creekside Meadows Trail East Loop. There is a sign posted. What's this? It's snoopys tread. Lets see where he is going? At the trail intersection, turn left on to the Cemetery Ridge Trail head. You will cross the road. At the trail sign, go up the hill on the trail. It is steep so take your time. At top of the hill follow trail to the right. Trail curves left uphill. You will pass through a tree that has been cut to clear the trail. Go 32 paces on the trail. Look to your right. You will see a bright evergreen and some fallen trees that make a "Y" shape. Oh look, Snoopy has taken a break at the "y". Look in the corner of the "y" under some bark and leaves and you might find him.

There will be more boxes added to this series so keep your eyes open.

Please replace contents and boxes where you found them and be sure to hide them well. Thank you and Happy Boxing!!!!!