Shark River Park  LbNA # 40220

Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationWall, NJ
Found By The Bradley-Cottontails
Last Found Apr 11 2014
Hike Distance?

HAND CARVED STAMPS! Bring your own stamp pad and pen.

Trail Map for Shark River park can be downloaded from

Start at entrance to Shark River Park at Gully Road in Wall Township. (parking available) This is right at the border of Neptune and Wall, so don't get confused if MapQuest tells you its Neptune.

Note: Box number one is currently lost. The tree it was in fell down during Hurricane Irene. ( Update 10/3/12 A new footbridge has been built and the park rangers found my old box and returned it to me. Soooooo hopefully I'll get a chance to get out there soon to replant box 1.)

The start of the trail is beyond the picnic benches (west)follow trail to open field. Directly across open field you will see green trail marker. Follow trail, at split rail fence, stay right. Cross small wooden bridge. Stop at park bench. Look behind big tree and up into the hollow left from a broken branch to find your first prize. Note: you can actually find shark teeth fossils in the stream beds in this park. All you need is a child's sand sifter and a little patience and you might just find shark teeth fossils.

On to box #2! Continue down the path. When you come to a fork in the path, go right. Pass the fitness bars. When path comes to a T intersection with another path make a right. This is Hidden Creek Trail. Follow this path until you come up to a fallen tree on your right. Go to the V shaped tree just behind the fallen log. Nestled between the V shaped tree and a large white pine you'll find your prize.

Bring your own stamp pad and pen.