OwnerThe Boxhounds    
Placed DateMay 26 2008
CountySan Patricio
LocationIngleside, TX
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This stamp is of the U.S. Navy mascot Bill. This is a link to the history of the Navy mascot.

Stamp color recommendation: Blue and Gold.

Directions: To get to Ingleside you can take Hwy 361 from Portland(Southwest), 1069 from Aransas Pass(North) or Hwy 361 from Aransas Pass(East). Any of these roads will take you into downtown Ingleside. Once in Ingleside you will travel on FM1069 South(Main ST) going to NS Ingleside. You will travel about 4 miles and come upon a sign on your right for Live Oak Park. Turn Left at the sign and go 2 blocks to the Park.

To the Box: Once inside the park you will go to your right to a large parking lot. This park is home to a disc golf course and is a lot of fun if you play disc golf like us. You will park by the 18th hole basket which will be right in front of you when you park. You will start at the basket and turn to the left. Walk 38 paces to the number 9 basket. Then turn to the right about 30 degrees and you will see 2 rows of trees on each side of you with a medium size tree in the middle at the end with lots of cover at the base. Walk 36 steps to that tree. In between the trees at the base is the box covered in leaves and a stick. Please email us the status of the box if you go looking for it.