Drake Oil Well  LbNA # 40244

Placed DateMay 23 2008
LocationTitusville, PA
Found By fluttershy
Last Found Sep 28 2013
Hike Distance?

Park in the Drake Oil Well parking lot. You will not have to pay in order to get this stamp, but it is a great place to visit if you have never been there. We were there on the day of a school trip and were able to see the reenactment.

Instead of entering the museum, head towards the train station. As you approach, you are offered a choice: go straight up the stairs or turn right and wrap around and up the ramp. Choose the ramp.

As you start up the ramp, notice the railing on the left. At the second vertical beam that holds the railing is where you will find the treasure. Kneel down at this beam and reach your left hand down under the decking to find the box.

As this can be a busy area, please be stealthy and rehide well.