Just An Egg  LbNA # 40248

Placed DateMay 27 2008
LocationWestminster/ Union Mills, MD
Planted ByPonyFeathers    
Found By Team RADD
Last Found Aug 9 2016
Hike Distance?

IT IS NOW BACK IN PLACE (as of 09/20/2009)

Located in the Silver Run/Union Mills Lions Park adjacent to the Union Mills Shriver Homestead Park, on the corner of Route 97 and Old Hanover Road, 7 miles north of Westminster in the town of Union Mills.

(Before finding this box, FIND the LION'S LARE box, the first in the two boxes hidden in this park.)

You are a brave Lion. You’ve just found your mate (and the Lion’s Lair box) beneath the giant chestnut tree, close to the WW II Honor Roll sign. The park is quiet. No one is about, but for a lone Canada goose. You watch her stroll along the bank of Big Pipe Creek, as if she is looking for something. You decide to stalk her.

You slink behind the goose, following Big Pipe Creek upstream. At the park's driveway, you walk up a bit to find the bridge that crosses to the pond. The goose is circling the pond to the right. You follow.

The pond is on your left. Big Pipe Creek is on your right. You see a wooden bridge crossing the creek, but you continue around the pond. On the other side of the pond, you pass a single old cedar tree, its branches stretching tall. Just after the goose passes the cedar tree, she comes to a large bush growing tight against a telephone pole. The goose slips into the brush beneath.

You chase the goose out and go under the bush to see what she has found. There beneath the tree and pole you see it. Gee, it's just an egg!