Healing Staff  LbNA # 4031

Placed DateMay 25 2003
Location???, CT
Planted ByMDMT    
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Location: Oooh itís a mystery. Somewhere in CT
Time: About an hour (just like lenscrafters)
Difficulty: easy (with 1 tiny stream to cross that you do so by either jumping it or walking over the rocks. Itís only 3 inches deep)
Fun factor: Hella fun
Creepy factor: slightly

When youíve got your health, nothing else matters. Right? Well, the saying is something like that. So to find this healer, you must first figure out where Connecticutís center for health is located. From there you must continue past its main entrance (without actually turning into it) heading east until you hit the Magical Mountain Road. Make a left onto this road and less than a mile on your left you will find the mythical swamp where the healing spice bush grows. As legend tells, the healing staff was made from the medicinal branch of the spice bush which was discovered by a burned out medical student, during a full fledged episode of procrastination (which he had mastered by his third year). If he could only find some way to heal people without the hours of studying in med school and years of residency that allopathic medicine demands. Luckily, he had a premonition that a solution to his dilemma existed. He needed to find the branch of the spice bush and make the healing staff. Now, letís go find it for ourselves!

Once you park your car in the little lot, walk out the corner where there is no wooden gate, head NW toward a rock with an engraving on it and a faded nature walk sign. Head across the bridge and make a right so youíre along the bank of the pond. Pass by what looks like a small bocce court and cross over the next bridge, and continue to hug the curve of the pond. Head into the woods following the path and youíll soon come out of the woods. Youíll soon see a path on your right with a butterfly sign. Follow this path and head over the wooden bridge, and eventually the wooden plank, continuing to stay straight when the path gives you options. Go up the hill, and follow the path as it curves left. Youíll see houses on your right. Continue staying straight on the path (youíll have 2 options to go left but donít do it) and youíll start to curve to the right and head down hill. Here youíll see a tree with what looks like a snake wrapped around it. Cool, to see but not important. Go up the hill and then down it on the other side and youíll come to a strange 3 way intersection. Ignore the path that goes sharply right and go to the fork in the road ahead of you. Bear right (East) and youíll soon see the hut where the med student and the Blair Witch extracted the healing powers from the spice bush. Go past this creepy hut until you come to a similar 3 way intersection. Go to the right and youíll know you picked the right path is you see a large cement pipe, maybe a blue tarp (if itís still there) and remnants of an old campfire along the bank of the river. Now youíre almost there. These tools were all used in the making of the healing staff. Cross the tiny river. BE CAREFUL, THE ROCKS ARE SLIPPERY (I kind of fell in on my numerous trips crossing it. It had just rained all week before as well). You could probably jump it.

Ok, youíre so close you can smell it! Now from the bank of the river that you just crossed, head 8 paces (1 pace=2 steps) until the path curves to the right making a wider path. Look left to the east to see a less defined path. Head 6 paces towards that east path which will put you in a small circular clearing. Youíll see the stream on your left and a slight corridor of skinny trees on your right. Go through this corridor in a S-SW direction 6 paces to the magical spice bush. Youíll know itís the spice bush because itís a tree of 5 growing out of ground approximately a 30 degree angle pointing south. It also has darker bark than its surrounding neighbors (because of itís magical powers, duh!) The healing staff is cradled behind it under some protective rocks and sticks. Please, please, please put it back exactly as you found it underneath all the rocks so it is invisible to the passerbyer. The healing staff canít be brought out of the swamp or the spice bush will avenge its loss. Sorry there isnít a good spot for stamping, but I didnít plant the spice bush.

To get back to your car, cross over the river again, and get back on the path, staying right and cross over the bridge and head back to your car. I hope you enjoyed finding this magical stamp. Please read the waiver and realize that this whole story is completely fictional. This is just a stamp and is not going to cure your diabetes, hypertension, or rheumatoid arthritis. It was all in good fun. Happy letterboxing.

If you have problems finding the box, canít figure out where this magical place is, or would like to report on the condition of it please email me at letterbiznox@yahoo.com