Camel Humps  LbNA # 40311

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationCanyon Lake, TX
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found May 16 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 50 yards
Fee area.

** Useless Facts Series **

The "Camel Humps" letterbox is located in Canyon Park, a US Army Corp of Engineers park on the north side of Canyon Lake, close to Papa Docks resturant and boat dock.

Why do camels have humps? No, it's ot to store water, although camels can extract water from the humps. The camel has no layer of fat under its skin, so the humps serve as a large fat deposit, weighting up to eighty pounds, that the camel can use for food and water in times of need. By breaking down fat into hydrogen and oxygen, water is formed. Thus a camel can go several days or weeks without water or food. The humps will shrink in size as the energy and water are used, and will hang down on the animal's side.

From IH-35, take exit 191 north of New Braunfels and go west on FM 306 for 20 miles. Turn left on Canyon Park Road (look for sign also) and go to end where it enters the park. Pay fee at booth (tell them you are just checking out the park for future use) and go toward the boat ramp and campsite #12. Park near campsite #12.

To the Letterbox:
Go across the road to the stairs, and climb up. Take path, counting 46 steps from the rail, up to the tree line. path should now be heading straight up. Go left off the path for 12 steps to a 4 trunk tree. Box is on back side at base, with flat rock on top.