Dragonfly Catcher  LbNA # 40332

OwnerDragonfly Catchers    
Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationRome, ME
Found By Dragonfly Catchers
Last Found Dec 6 2011
Hike Distance?

This box is the first one to be planted on the hiking trail up Mt. Philip in Rome. Park in the lot off Rte 135 across from camp road with BRADLEY family name sign on the side of the road. Find the trail head and proceed past the sign announcing Mt. Philip. Leave a donation to help with maintenance of the trail if you would like in the box provided. Every cent counts! When the trail splits take the trail to the left. Follow the orange snips of "tape" tied onto branches all the way to the top. Once there you will see breathtaking views right away but that is not quite the pinnacle. Go about 25 more steps and that is considered the "top". Take a break and take it all in. Great Pond never looked so beautiful or has it? Walk some more and try to notice the very weathered dead but standing tree with a face. Its mouth appears to be open as if it is moaning. Once you see that tree walk toward it. You will walk between 2 young oak trees on the trail. There is a root to step over on the ground in front of you. See the fir trees, probably hemlock, to your left. Lots of boughs very low to the ground and touching the ground. You will find the letterbox hidden at the base of the fir trees near the tree trunks. Please take care to hide it well when you are done stamping and saying hello. Email us to let us know you found it! We are excited to bring more letterboxes to central Maine this summer.