7 Natural Wonders of GA - Amicalola Falls  LbNA # 40337 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationDawsonville, GA
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Up, Up, Up, and Doooowwn

After entering Amicalola Falls State Park, park as close as possible to the Visitor's Center. Start on the East Ridge Trail which begins directly behind the Visitor's Center. Follow the trail to the top of the falls. Please note, this hike is approximately 1 mile and rated moderate to strenuous. Please wear appropriate footware and bring any supplies that you may need for a an uphill hike.

On your hike to the top of the falls, please stop to enjoy the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Once you've reached the top, take some time to rest and enjoy the view from the top of the falls. There are even restrooms at the top as well as a water pump to refill water bottles.

After you've rested, find the staircase that leads down the side of the waterfall. You will travel over 400 stairs to reach the base of the falls.

Take a moment to enjoy the amazing view at the base of the falls as well as the cool breeze created Amicalola Falls.

When you're ready to find the box, find the place where the wooden deck meets the rubberized walking surface. Be sure not to cross the marked area, but you should be able to reach behind the base of the bridge and pull out the box. Please be extremely careful when removing and replacing this box. Not only should you be cautious of the environment, but also the sometimes high number of people in the area.

To get back to the Visitor's Center, continue down the trail from the base towards the Reflection Pond.

If this trip seems a bit too daunting, please know that there are other ways to get to the base of the falls. Pick up a map from the Visitor's Center and you will see.