It's All About Me 15-19  LbNA # 40353

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateMay 29 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Feb 28 2009
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It's All About Me 15-19

Capital area Greenway: 3200 Lynn Road @ Lake Lynn

This is a 2 mile hike, so bring a drink and a bite to eat if you like. It is an easy walk, or bike, or run. Near Box #5 there is a nice picnic area.

There are benches along the way. You way want binoculars if you have them for the birds and wildlife you will see.

Box #1 Scrabble

From the parking lot, go up the wooden stairs. Take the path to the L, then a quick R. Isn't this a beautiful view of the lake?

At the 1/4 mile marker go into the shore. Stop at the tree with a chain on it. There are 2 parallel logs on the forest floor, go to the end of the logs. 12 paces forward you will see a deep creviced tree, like it's been split in two. I am buried at it's base.

I love this board game! Yes, I do all the crafts listed!

Box #2 Mustang

Continue down the path, cross the long bridge.On the right of the bridge is a stump near the water's edge, make sure you look for brightly colored lizards there!

You will come to a second bridge, cross it to the R. Go until you see 2 park benches on the L, pass them. Shortly you will see a small path on the R that leads down to the lake. Take this path a few steps dow. You will see 2 twin small trees on the L. Behind the second tree the MUSTANG is parked. (This is the revised hiding spot, due to construction!) :)

I do drive a green mustang, so if you see it about town, it may be me!

Box#3 Germany

Continue down the path, rest at the gazebo. Don't let the geese and ducks get you there! They run crazy at that area! You are almost at the 3/4 mile area.

Cross the very long woooden bridge.You may see baby ducks turtles and a herron or two.

Go to you R at the end or "T" in the bridge after crossing the lake. Go R and cross another bridge, follow the path past the "Governer's Point" sign. Before the next wooden bridge stop at the bench. Look down toward the water facing the bench on the L side. You will see a stump near the water-go to it. The stump is rotted with a round area on it's side. Germany is buried there inside the small stump.

I lived in Germany for a year. They have wonderful parks and bike trails and the best most accurate bus system in the world!

Box #4 Italy

Go back down to the paved path and turn R. (Whew, almost done!)

Cross the wooden bridge and go to the R at the path. Shortly on the L you will see a cut-through and a grassy area at the top. Go up past the wooden post. You will see a pine hanging horizontally, about 5 1/2 feet from the ground.
(I know that because I stood under it!)

I am planted at it's base inbetween the two trees.

I lived in Italy for 3 years! I still think of it fondly and miss it, especially when I smell garlic cooking or hear someone speaking Italian! I still dream in Italian at times! (By now you must think I am Military. Nope!)

Box #5 England

Return to the path and continue on to the L. Pass the
1 3/4 mile marker. Almost done!

Across the path from 3 large posts is a pathway. Go up this path. You will find a workout station on the right.

Nearby are two perpendicular posts in the brush with a rock resting inbetween them. I am planted there, near the rock. I saw bunnies when I planted this, I hope you see them too!

I lived in England for 1 year. We had a hedgehog in our garden there. Their defense against humans is to be still and act like a rock! For the whole year I was there, we maybe had 7 days of bright clear Carolina blue skys. It was usually grey and damp...thus the beautiful lush green countryside. And no...I did not hear about letterboxing there!

Up the pathway more is a picnic table and a quiet area to rest at. To get back to the parking area go L at the pathway you came from and follow it around until you are there.
I hope you have enjoyed this hunt!