Little House Series: Laura  LbNA # 40382 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateMay 29 2008
LocationBlue Earth, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Oct 23 2009
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This is 1 box of a 5 box series on a common theme.

#1 - Wagon
#2 - Jack
#3 - Laura
#4 - Ma
#5 - Pa


Laura was grieved by leaving Jack behind. She sat in the wagon stewing for hours. The bumps in the road jostled her little body back and forth, but her glare was steadfast.

Her mind went back to her geography lessons at school. She remembered when Ms. Beedle brought in a globe of the world. Laura called it "Blue Earth", because from her seat near the back of the class it appeared mostly blue.

It wasn't but a few minutes after she thought of this that Pa pulled the wagon over to let the horses rest again.

Laura, as in most episodes when upset, ran into the woods! Past the picnic tables with her lunch and into the woods she went.

She followed the path down and up and found a picnic table to itself, just sitting there in the woods. A nice place for her to eat her lunch in solitude.

After eating, her eyes became heavy . . . Laura began looking for a place to lay down to take a nap. Following the fence line, she counted 33 steps and jumped over a diagonal log, boy were her eyes tired now. 1, 2, 3 . . . 13, 14, 15 a stump about waist high is all the further she got.

Before stepping over another fallen tree, she crawled up in the end closest to her.

This is a small box, please cover back up as well or better than you found it.