Little House Series: Ma **UPDATE**  LbNA # 40383

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateMay 29 2008
LocationFairmont, MN
Found By Art Of Temptation
Last Found Aug 16 2011
Hike Distance?

First box in County!!

This is one of a five stamp collection on a common theme.

Box #1 - Wagon
#2 - Jack
#3 - Laura
#4 - Ma
#5 - Pa


When you enter the park stop by the memorial stone and take note of the birth year displayed ______ now take away the even numbers and you are left with ______ (a).


Ma wasn't easily flustered, but you could tell she had had enough of everything this day. She decided to ride on ahead and visit her old friends the Livingstons, who lived up aways in Fairmont she had heared that Mr. Livingston was running a temperature of 102.

She sat at the table with Mrs. Livingston and shared old stories of when LINCOLN was President, while the doctor was in with her husband.

As the fever broke Ma helped her friends with their rock garden that sat just west of their little one room cabin.

While working in the rock garden Ma heared the clatter of the wagon coming into town, it was Pa & Laura coming to get her on their way up to Walnut Grove.

When they arrived, Ma wanted to show Laura her special hiding spot. They stood in the middle of the rock garden with their heels to the circle and faced the green mushroom. She counted off (a)______ steps keeping right.

At step _____(a) she looked to her right and saw a "V" sticking her hand threw the "V" to the other side she grabbed a little box with a locket inside for Laura to wear. Laura gave her a big hug and thanked her, vowing to recover the box better than she had found it.


We also found it out in the open but we hid it in the croch of the tree just to the left of it well covered so it wasn't out it the open. Great spot. Cute cabin.

If you are standing facing the original tree it is to its left. When standing facing the green mushroom it is the tree on the right at the far end of the fence on the right.