Quotable Nature  LbNA # 40435

Placed DateMay 30 2008
LocationMount Pleasant, SC
Planted ByBluegrassBOXers    
Found By Basselope Hunter
Last Found Jun 28 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located in Palmetto Island County Park, off of Long Point Road. There is an admission cost of $1 per person (unless you have a gold pass) to enter this park. Wear your walking shoes - there's the potential for a nice walk on this hunt.

When you enter the park, stop at the main gate and get a map of the park. You may also want to get the interpretive trail brochure which describes things you will see on the path to the letterbox.

Park in the parking lot near the entrance to Splash Island. Your walk on foot begins at the entrance to Splash Island and the green/yellow sign. Cross the bridge and follow the path past the picnic tables. Follow the trail to the left toward Nature Island. This will take you behind Splash Island. As you pass behind Splash Island, the trail to Nature Island will curve around to the right.

Take the bridge across the marsh onto Nature Island. Go to the left when the boardwalk forks. This is the beginning of a big loop around Nature Island and the trail brochure will highlight 20 marked locations on the loop.

Watch the markers. Stop when you reach Marker #6, still facing ahead on the trail. Take 5 paces forward. Look to the left and see a small stump. The box is behind the stump covered in pine needles and palms. Please replace carefully.

When you are finished, you can return the way you came or contine the loop around Nature Island. Enjoy the Nature and let it inspire you to change the world!