Wilderness Center #1  LbNA # 40441

OwnerWilderness Walker    
Placed DateJun 1 2008
LocationThe Wilderness Center, Wilmot, OH
Found By idaguste
Last Found Nov 23 2014
Hike Distance?

The Interpretive Building is where you should start.
There's a map to read before you depart.
If the IB is closed, don't just give up the ship-
There's a map at the kiosk to help on your trip!

Start at the door and pass the oak tree.
A sphere at the top of a pole you will see.
Cross the drive and the grass, there's been no mistake!
Find a place for a rest with a view of the lake.

West is the way, but which west? There are 2.
Wily wanderers with woods wisdom who
Watch words wisely wend west with a "Whew!"
We wish walkers a wilderness view.

Four corners, four choices,
You must choose what's best.
To get to the box,
There's only one left.

Sit on the wood seat
And think how rain flows to lakes.
At the seat and the T
Take the path rain water takes.

O'er a dry river and past the pond's brink.
There's a one-eye watching your every blink.
You're getting close to the letterbox lair—
Up the steps to the 'scope, you're just about there.

Look out from the steps with the eye left behind
There's a trail that curves to the right.
At the curve, on the left, is what you would find
Between the rock and the biggest tree, is the site!

You found it! That's great!
Return as you came.
Or take the path 'round the lake-
You'll end up just the same.