You Are Not Forgotten  LbNA # 40453 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 30 2008
LocationStreamwood, IL
Planted ByBlackwulf    
Found By Treasure Quest
Last Found Apr 12 2014
Hike Distance?

I grew up in Streamwood, IL. and I am proud to say I was a resident when the Veteran’s Memorial was put up. Of the other local towns in the area I still think that Streamwoods’ is the largest and nicest. It is here that you will find this stamp paying honor and respect to those brave men and women who have given their lives for this country. If you find the Streamwood Village Hall you will find this Veteran’s Memorial.

Park in the main lot, just behind the village hall and memorial. Start at your right and notice the statue remembering some other usually forgotten heroes. Continue going through the memorial checking out the real howitzer cannons and plaques for each war. Then make your way to see the large marble slabs for each branch of service with the military insignia on one side and a picture depicting that branch on the other. Then make your way to the POW/MIA area that pays respects to those fallen heroes. It is from here that you will make your way to this special box. Turn around and almost face the main road, you will see a landscaped area where you will see what looks like 5 tree trunks growing out from one. Look to the right of this tree you will see a solitary bush, what you seek is hidden in the center at the bottom.

Black ink pad and pen provided. If this box is need of aid at any time please let me know. This is my first planted box.