Little House Series: Pa  LbNA # 40459

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateMay 30 2008
LocationWalnut Grove, MN
Found By Scheafferoos
Last Found Jul 2 2015
Hike Distance?

This is one of a five box series.

#1 Wagon
#2 Jack
#3 Laura
#4 Ma
#5 Pa

There is a $4 per vehicle entrance fee.


Finally the wagon pulled out from Fairmont, all repaired and fully loaded.

Pa had talked Laura down and swung in to pick up Ma from the Livingstons. Everyone was in good spirits. Off they went, heading home.

Pa, had a "wanderlust" and didn't stay put long. In fact, he skipping from stop to stop unable to stay long enough to be considered a "permanent plant." He didn't want to stay still . . . and didn't want to cooperate with me and my initial plan to have him stay near Jackson was just out of the question.

So north he went, to his dugout house. Just as he was to cross the bridge Jack ran up, "Jack! Where have you been? Sure good to have you back ol' pal."

They crossed the creek as a family, so filled with joy at finally being home again Pa couldn't even make it up the hill -- he pulled out his fiddle and started playing happy cords.

The family all danced to the left, before the wooden barrier. Pa stayed there playing all through the night, finally at a spot he could spend many a happy year.

This is a really small box, please recover very well so Pa will, indeed, stay many years to come.