Happy Feet  LbNA # 40477

Placed DateMay 26 2008
LocationNewbury, OH
Found By Lyndell
Last Found Aug 1 2010
Hike Distance?

For many years our family has spent Memorial Day weekend in a cabin at Punderson State Park. We always go down to the campground for the outdoor movies and the other activities. This year my sisters and I decided to enter the talent show. We danced to Shut up and Drive and we won!! With that in mind, we planted the Happy Feet box which was named after our dance competition team.

Enter Punderson State Park from Route 87 in Newbury. Turn left on the first road past the gazebo. Turn right into the parking lot for the public beach. Park in the lot on the left. Just beyond the outhouses you will see a set of steps that lead to the picnic areas. Go down the steps and follow the path past the Punderson dedication rock on your right. Continue down the next set of steps leading to the beach. At the bottowm of the steps, turn left and walk past a bench on your left towards the woods. Enter the Beach Trail that has a green sign for the Marina and a green sign for the Sports Chalet. You will quickly come upon a small fork, continue going straight. The trail is approximately half a mile and half way through you will pass 2 larger rocks sticking out of the trail. The first one is on the left and the second is towards the center. Continue going straight until you see a small stream with a culvert pipe on your left. Turn with you back to the lake & follow the small path on the left side of the pipe. The path goes up a small hill towards a group of downed trees that cross the stream. What you're looking for is in the hollow log of the first tree.

Happy hinting.