Walkabull  LbNA # 40482

Placed DateMay 18 2008
LocationCarroll Howard Johnson Environmental Education Park 301 Wagstaff Road, Fuquay Varina, NC
Found By PSquiggley
Last Found May 12 2016
Hike Distance?

Walkabull is part of a series dedicated the journeys of Walkabout. It was originally planted in Greensboro NC, but went missing. We recarved it with the identical image, and in January 2011 we replanted it in a whole new location, “Rav3n R0ck Park.” That park asked us to move it and so in May-June 2011 The Finders replanted it on our behalf, to a new location. This clue has been updated to reflect The Finders' new location.

Park in the lot. Follow Persimmon Path until you reach the first intersection. Turn left. At the trashcan, turn right. Continue across the bridge; choose Heritage Trail. Enjoy the sun and view as you pass under the power lines. At the fork, choose the right side. Have a seat on the bench. Look over your left shoulder and there will be two pine trees in which one has an odd curve. Look between the trees, under the SPOR.

Please watch for other hikers and please rehide this box carefully.