A Piece of Norwalk History  LbNA # 40516

Placed DateMay 31 2008
LocationNorwalk, CT
Planted ByHistorygirl    
Found By orange blossom
Last Found Nov 11 2008
Hike Distance?

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This piece of Norwalk History can be found at Cannon Street Park in Norwalk, CT.

Directions to the park:Take I-95 to exit 16. Head North on East Ave towards the green. As you come to the large intersection at the Norwalk Green, bear right as you continue on East Ave. Make sure the green is on your left as you continue down East Ave. Continue straight through the intersection of Route 1, still continuing on East Ave. A 1/4 mile down, you will come a traffic light with Cannon St. on your left. Make a left onto Cannon St. and then a left onto Sawmill Rd. Park on this road since there is not a parking lot for the park

Walk towards the park, past the park sign reading "Cannon Street Park, Norwalk Ct".
Walk through the opening in the stone wall.
Straight ahead, you will see a bench facing the river.
Walk to that bench. Sit for a while and enjoy the view and sound of the calming water. Once relaxed, get up from the bench and look toward the stone wall and street(Cannon St.). You will see another bench and a family of four trees to the left of the bench. Look for the "Daddy" tree. A piece of Norwalk history is hiding at the foot of the "Daddy" tree.

Please email if there is a problem.

The park is small but very enjoyable.