World's Largest Ball of Twine  LbNA # 40575

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateMay 31 2008
LocationAfton, MN
Found By lmnop
Last Found Aug 13 2012
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Darwin, MN is the home of a ball of twine made by Francis A. Johnson. It is 4 meters (13 ft.) in diameter and weighs 7,900 kg (17,400 lbs). He started working on his obsession in March, 1950, and wrapped for four hours every day for 23 weeks. It is currently housed in a specially made gazebo across from the town park on Main Street, and the town celebrates "Twine Ball Day" the second Saturday in August every year.

To find the World's Largest Ball of Twine, go to the Visitors' Center at Afton State Park. From the back of the Visitors' Center, the ball rolled left down the paved path and under the electrical wires. It continued down the paved path and past the bathrooms on the left. It then followed the bike path route. Instead of heading down to the beach, it bounced off the bench just past the sign and rolled into a clearing opposite the bench. It rumbled over mossy rocks and stopped inside the mossy log to the left of the rocks.

When you find the ball, stamp in, and please rehide well!