Raising Arizona  LbNA # 40577

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateMay 31 2008
LocationAfton, MN
Found By one love journeying
Last Found Mar 22 2010
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"Raising Arizona" came out in 1987, and was written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, who are natives of St. Louis Park, a Minneapolis suburb. "Raising Arizona" is the story of the unlikely married couple, ex-convict H.I. (played by Nicolas Cage) and ex-cop Ed (played by Holly Hunter), who long for a baby but are unable to conceive. Fortune smiles on them when a local furniture tycoon appears on television with his five newly born quintuplets that he jokes "are more than we can handle". Seeing this as a sign, and an opportunity to redress the natural balance, H.I. and Ed steal one of the quintuplets and start to bring up the child as their own.

To find this box, walk south from the Afton State Park Visitors' Center toward the Interpretive Prairie Trail. Stay on the paved path, and walk past a couple of benches that overlook some strange looking trees. You will see a wooden post on the left side of the path that has no sign on it. The post, however, marks the start of a grass path that runs parallel to the paved path. Take the grass path to the bench at the edge of the woods. Turn left at the bench, entering the woods. Continue down the path, admiring the scenery. You will eventually come to a clearing on the right side of the path with a tall, man-made perch. Continue on the grass path, around a bend. You'll come to another wooden bench on the left side of the path. Stand on the path, parallel to the bench, and turn to face the way you just came. Take 23-25 steps down the path (retracing your steps). On the left, between two evergreens, is a small path leading to a huge evergreen. Got to it. Stand facing the trunk and to your right, you will see a tangle of branches. Make your way to the source of the branches that are growing out of the ground. Keep the prairie clearing with the man-made perch on your left, the tangle on your right. Crawl under a low-arching branch, and find the moss covered branch blocking your way. Follow that branch into the tangle. "Raising Arizona" waits where the moss-covered branch and the tangle meet.

When you find the box, stamp in, and please rehide well.