Midsummer's Day  LbNA # 40581

Placed DateJun 3 2008
LocationWillington, CT
Planted ByThe Alleycatz    
Found By yakkman
Last Found Nov 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Distance: 2 miles or less
Terrain: A bit hilly but you can do it in your Birkenstocks
Notes: This box has no pen, but it does have inkpad

Astronomically speaking, summer typically doesnít begin until the solstice around June 21st depending on the year. Funny that the solstice is referred to as Midsummerís Day when the fact is, it is really the FIRST summer day!

The source of much superstition, it's the longest day of the year, when the earth is closest to the sun.
It is believed that the spiral symbol may have been used by ancient cultures to depict the sun. The direction of the spiral can indicate the time of the year: clockwise for winter, and counterclockwise for summer.

We celebrate Midsummerís every year. It is said youíre more likely to see faeries that day because they come out to party!

To get to the Midsummerís Day letterbox, turn onto Schoefield Rd from Rt. 32 in Willington. Follow it all the way to the stop sign, and take a left onto Blair Rd. Around the hairpin curve and down the hill, you will see a power plant on your left. Immediately afterward you will see on your left a locked gate. Park to the side, out of the way.

Walk around the gate, and through the grassy path, which is actually quite wide. After 100 paces or maybe more, You will see an overgrown path branching off to the right. Stay on the left path.

After another 100 yards or so you will see yet another uphill overgrown path branch off to the right. As before, donít pay it any mind. Just keep walking a few feet further and you will see the power lines.

Follow the trail to the first telephone pole that is on the trail (not the one in the bushes). From there, take about 20 paces down the trail, and then turn to your right. You will see a humongous rock in the woods. Go to it. Under the closest corner to our trail, shielded by a pile of sticks, is the letterbox.

Please replace the letterbox and hide it well.

You can turn around the way you came, or you can follow the path a bit longer, for a breathtaking cliff view of River Road in Willington. Either way, I donít know any way out of there other than retracing your steps.