Cirque de Meow  LbNA # 40586 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2008
CountyNew Castle
LocationWilmington, DE
Planted Byfurbie-liscious    
Found By Deladventurers
Last Found Nov 29 2008
Hike Distance?

This treasure is hidden in the forest inside the Bark Park, which is on the other side of Carousel Park across the lake. Dogs are allowed off leash here, so bring your pooch friend for a social gathering and great run while you search for this letter-box.

The Bark Park is located on Skyline Drive in Pike Creek/Wilmington. Skyline is right off of New Linden Hill Rd.
Once on Skyline, drive slowly because the park is on your first left, and is not clearly marked with anything but a fence and a parking lot.

Once inside the parking lot take the most frequented dirt path down hill towards the right. This will lead you into the park, where the path goes "leftish" and you will see a white fence and the dog park rules sign.

Follow the grassy path with two tire track ruts towards the lake - the woods on your right. Stop in front of the "Danger" sign, turn around, directly face the forest. The dirt path that will lead you into the forest is hidden amongst trees and bushes so look carefully and then proceed inside.

Once inside walk a bit until the split in the path and take the one that leads towards the left going downwards. Taking notice of the fallen log, cross a hidden bridge towards the log's right. Now walk uphill towards the left, and go in the opposite direction of the right pointing arrow on a tree. Continue walking uphill and pass the pile of fallen trees/logs on your left. A short distance further you will notice the "Charles" tree on your right. Stop at this tree and look towards your left for a tree about a 45 degree angle from where you are standing. (If you see a tree with two trunks you're gone too far.) Go to this tree and you will find the treasure under the log at the base of the tree.