Major John H. Wood Mansion  LbNA # 40596

OwnerThe Boxhounds    
Placed DateJun 3 2008
LocationBayside, TX
Found By jackkip
Last Found Mar 17 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 28 2015

Bayside is a small town between Rockport, Sinton, Woodsboro and Portland. Back in 1875, an Army Major moved here from being stationed in Victoria and built a mansion. It has survived numerous hurricanes and bad economies. The link at the top will take you to the Bayside website. It gives pictures and more history on the mansion and the city.

Directions: Bayside is located on Hwy 136. If you come from the south you can turn directly onto Hwy 136. If you come from Sinton or Rockport, you can get there from Hwy 188 and then turn onto Hwy 136.

To the Box: From Hwy 188 and Hwy 136, you will travel about 5 miles to Bayside. You will turn right onto 3rd street. Go past Spoonbill and Mitchell and turn right onto Park street. Go down Park street and turn left onto 1st. Take your first right onto Cooke street and go to the corner. Park across the street at Driscoll Rooke Covenaist Park on Copano Bay Dr. To your right is a paved path that takes you around the park. Walk the path and when you come to the curve going towards the water, STOP. Look to your right and you will see the last tree with a palm tree behind it. Under the tree are 3 wooden posts. Under the first post is the box. Please email us the status of the box.