The Sinton Pirate  LbNA # 40597

OwnerThe Boxhounds    
Placed DateJun 3 2008
CountySan Patricio
LocationSinton, TX
Found By 2Grls1Guy
Last Found Jun 21 2012
Hike Distance?

The Pirates are home to Sinton. Since the other boxes disappeared, We thought to add one of our own. It is in Rob and Bessie Park on Hwy 181. When you get into the park stay to the right at the first and second forks. There should be a sign going to the hiking trail. You will come to a small wire fence separating the park and the golf course. Park to the left.

To the box: Walk to your right to a cement path. Take the path until it bends to the right. You will pass another path to the right but it is just a circle so you will end up in the same place. Walk the path out to the small lake. You will see a red trash barrel and bench before a pier out to the lake. At the pier, go to the right side but don't fall in. Look under the pier by the first pole. Under the beam, covered by a piece of wood, is the box. Please email us the status of the box.