Cody's Cabin and the Town Pump  LbNA # 40609 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2008
LocationArthur, NE
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My husband and I were returning from a friend's cattle branding in North Dakota, enjoying the countryside of some of America's West. I simply had to make him stop so we could enjoy this historic structure and a bit of Nebraska's history.

As your driving through Arthur (the only town in Arthur County) on Hwy 61, you'll notice a historic cabin on the east side of the road. Park at the cabin and read its history. It was built by Buffalo Bill Cody!

• From the cabin, take off on foot. Head downhill, toward the pond.
• About 50 yds from the Mill Camp Cabin, you'll see the "Town Pump". Hint: look up!
• Wrapping around the pond to the southeast, you'll notice two large trees and a bush. The southern tree has 3 branches, one of which is resting against its neighbor. You'll find the letterbox hidden at the base of the branch that's missing its bark. Nebraska is the Cornhusker state, but some say this item is the symbol of the Sandhills.