Wittenburg Wildcats  LbNA # 40622

Placed DateJun 5 2008
LocationTaylorsville, NC
Planted Bythe Emerald Bee    
Found By pac-boy and yellowdaisy
Last Found Jun 20 2011
Hike Distance?

Recently the AIG class at Wittenburg had a guest speaker, a 4-H leader, to tell them about letterboxing that she had learned at a Regional conference. The students all came up with trail names and learned all about it. One student, Tanner, told them about some of the boxes that he and his family had found. One of the students, Robert, helped to carve the wildcat paw. When the class was over, we planted a Wittenburg Wildcat Paw on the nature trail.

Here’s the clue as they came up with the directions:
Find Wittenburg Elementary School, (the students said to make sure I said the new school. I think they are proud of their new school). Pull in the third drive and park in the back. This is the parking lot where the buses park when school is in session. Walk back behind the school, past the ball field and the line of evergreen trees that hides the sewage system and start down the path (which looks like an old road). Take the curve to the right and come to a fork to the left. Up to the right you will see houses but don't go that far. Turn left where a sign says “The Larry Sharpe Nature Trail”. This is a NC Forest Service Sign. Walk just a little way to a bridge. Cross to the far end and look under the right side for our box. Watch out for briars and weeds. Happy Hunting.