It's All About Me #20  LbNA # 40625

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateJun 5 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
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Hike Distance?

This is a puzzle mystery box. It holds a tiny suprise for the 1st finder! Happy hunting!

This is a box about a country I have VISITED

Go where do you find news, place a newspaper ad, or buy as many N&O papers that you want in Raleigh. (address easily googled)

Go to a green square where people wear brass.

Visit the Editor, circle round to see firefighters in action.

Pass between structural and hazmat.

Turn R at a new tree, pass under and Old Magnolia, go to the end and turn R.

Pass by 2 pay stations and enter again to the R. Turn L at the "T".

Follow along without turning until the 4 way circle. Turn L.

Go 5 paces from a very tall lightsource. I am buried on the L. A scrap of cloth is tied at the base of the plant I am nearest. Hola!