Yellowstone Trail: Studebaker 1922  LbNA # 40629

Placed DateMay 22 2008
LocationWatson, MN
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Yellowstone Trail: Studebaker 1922

Nearest city: Watson MN
Terrain: easy, drive by
Time: 10 minutes including stamping time

1912-1930s The Yellowstone Trail developed in parallel with the nationwide effort to improve roads. The burden of financing roads gradually moved from the local landowner and township up the levels of government until the federal government, the states, the counties and the townships shared the cost. The burgeoning number of autos resulted in a demand for roads to drive them on, first for pleasure and then for crucial societal purposes: for doctors to get to patients, for farm products to get to the railroads, and for military purposes.

Find park on the Chippewa River east of us route 59 on county road 13 about one mile on road 13. Find bathroom, woman’s north corner at 10* walk 35 steps to group of stumps. Look inside to find box. Caution: burning needles on one side. Also, I don’t know about using the bathrooms as something was moving about and too dark to tell what it was.
From Our Chippewa River, Chippewa County, Wisconsin to your Chippewa River, Chippewa County, Minnesota, enjoy