Cry Baby Bridge  LbNA # 40660

OwnerGallant Rogue    
Placed DateMay 30 2008
Location???, MD
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 30 2009
Hike Distance?

May 29 2008
Looking North across the lake,
The trail goes all the way around
Walk counter clockwise
Start walking in forest
In a ˝ mile you arrive at a meadow
With the lake on your left
Cross the meadow on a course bearing 110 degrees
Climb the slight ridge and pick up your trail
Walk across the dam to a monument

She tried to run away from Waldrum's Old Field, reach Brittons Bay, stowaway on a merchant ship, get to the north where she could be free. She struck him too hard with that skillet. She only wanted to make him stop. Now they will kill her. Kill her! But they caught up to her. Chased her south from the Old Field. She is a murderer now and she must get away from here or they will kill her. There would be no trial for a Negro. She must cross the creek at the bridge. Run away. Get one of those carriages to stop as it slowed to cross the bridge… and carry her away. Be free. Free.

May 29 2008
Pause to read the plaque about the dam
But again you hear a baby crying
Starting with your back to the plaque
Take eighty-eight paces North on the gravel road.
Stop. Listen. Again the baby cries
A path departs the gravel road to the left
Take the small path in that direction
Once you are in the forest the baby’s cries are louder.

He was almost home. The war was over. Home to wife and baby not yet seen. Almost home, there’s the bridge. She waits just past the bridge. But something jumped in front of the car. Flashing before the headlights, something tried to get in the car! Just before crossing over, the driver startled, jerked the wheel. The car swerved, crashing into the bridge. Skidding one way, an over correction, control lost. Skidding right at the young mother who came to the bridge to greet her husband… with the baby in her arms as the car struck her. The baby airborne, over the side of the bridge into the darkness. In the air, over the rail, into the darkness below the bridge. Without a sound … and never found.

He returned to the bridge hundreds of times in the year that followed. The baby who didn’t make a sound the night of the accident now cried every night. Now a father, tormented by the cries of a phantom baby. Father searching in vain.

Teenagers report a wild woman tried to get in their car as they drove across the bridge. The sheriff investigates, He finds no sign of the woman, but he organized a search party to locate a baby heard crying in the waters beneath the bridge. Many law enforcement officials hear the cries, but no trace of the child was found.

Multiple accidents on and near the bridge cause state highway officials to straighten the road bypassing the curve with the old rusted bridge. The bridge was removed and replaced with a low concrete span, but Cry Baby Creek continues to be a popular favorite “most haunted” destination for believers and non-believers alike.

May 29 2008
You reach a post with the number 6.0 and stop
The baby’s cries are loud and near
Your back to the post you see a bent tree at bearing 230
Three paces, the tree is about 10” in diameter
Amid the logs at the base of this tree
Find Cry Baby Bridge