The food group series : “K. F. C.”  LbNA # 40664 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2008
LocationNicholasville/Richmond, KY
Planted Byhungryhillbilly    
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The food group series : “K. F. C.”
This is one of series of 3 letterboxes hidden in Nicholasville Kentucky

Follow Richmond Ave. (Hwy 169) east & south from Nicholasville and soon it will dead end into the Kentucky River. You won’t have to swim because there is an old fashioned ferry boat to help you across.
The Kentucky River is the line dividing Jessamine & Madison counties.
It also contains monster catfish. Hillbillies love to fish.
If he were a better fisherman maybe … nah… he’d still be Hungry.

Follow these clues to discover a reward that may relieve your hunger.
Behind & Under maintenance shed
in Donaldson Park
at Valley View Ferry crossing

Hmmm… Seems that ferryboat would make an excellent Letterbox Clue.
Try researching other letterboxes in this area …… your friend, Hungry