Legend of Fiddler's Green  LbNA # 40717

OwnerDelhi Granny    
Placed DateJun 8 2008
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By shigadeyo
Last Found Jun 18 2014
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Henry Darby (1781-1852)settled in Delhi Township, Hamilton Co., OH, in 1818. He owned a large amount of property behind the present day College of Mt. St. Joseph on the Ohio which extended down to the Ohio River. He kept a tavern which William Henry Harrison reportedly patronized.

The cemetery in which he and his family are buried (Darby-Lee)is in the woods, overlooking the river. At present, it is overgrown and ill-kept. Some of the stones have toppled.

The hills and caves around Mt. St. Joe were supposedly a first stop on the Underground Railroad. A legend grew up that on moonlit nights, the ghost of Henry Darby could be heard playing his fiddle in the fields near his property. This legend was likely a ruse to keep people away on moonlit nights when the newly escaped former slaves might be seen crossing the fields.

For further information, see the Delhi Township histories which have been written by Larry Duba and Shirley Althoff.

To find the Legend of Fiddler's Green, find Bender Rd. in Delhi Township. Then find Riverview Community and turn into their drive. Drive back to the maintenance shed. Park and look for a small sign directing you to the historic Darby-Lee Cemetery. Walk behind the shed and look for a second sign. You will see a cleared dirt path. Walk a little distance and watch for the cemetery on your left. Look for the the tallest stone. As you approach it, look at the base on the right side. Please hide well; my first lettebox at this location recently went missing.