Placed DateMay 27 2003
Locationkillingly, CT
Found By grammyandgrumpy
Last Found Nov 12 2010
Hike Distance?

Rated:EASY, about 10 minutes.

Directions: Take interstate 395 north to exit 93. Take a right onto rte.101 east.At light take a right onto route 12 south.Go through next light. Half mile to blinking yellow light take left here. This will be dog hill rd.(across from colt plastic)go up the road .1 of a mile to unmarked road on right. This is Cat Hollow Park.
* From interstate 395 south get off exit 93 and take a left. Then follow directions from above.

When entering park walk around the gate by the Cat Hollow Park sign. follow the paved road with the river to your right.You will soon come to a green park bench on your right. Follow the large path walking over the woodchips.You will pass another park bench this time on your left. In front of you to the right will be a black chain link fence. (notice the beautiful waterfall) follow the fence to it's corner. Straight ahead will be a small path. From the beginning of this path take 7 paces to two small bricks imbedded in the path. From these bricks take a compass reading of 25 degrees to a small pile of bricks, under these bricks you will find your prize.
Hope you enjoy the lovely river, this place just opened to the public as a park. This area was the site of an old mill.