Ludlow Massacre  LbNA # 40733

OwnerBicicleta Power    
Placed DateJun 8 2008
CountyLas Animas
LocationLudlow, CO
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Jun 30 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 4 2015

*To whomever may be near this box, there are alot of finds in the book and I would love to replace it with fresh book and archive the current finds. If interested in mailing me the current book and replacing with a new one, please message me to work out the detail.*

This box is located at the Ludlow Massacre Memorial, where more than enough history is described through the continuing efforts of the United Mine Workers Union.

Be sure to bring a regular piece of paper if you dont have a large logbook as this box's stamp is oversized.


This box and memorial is located right off the interstate.
Take I-25 South from Denver, Colorado Spring and Pueblo. Almost to the New Mexico border.
Exit #27 heading west and follow signs for Ludlow Massacre Memorial.
Park in the Memorial lot on the right hand side of road 44.0
Walk through the gates and stop.
turn left and go 25 paces.
From the tall, skinned, non-lit pole face west.
Directly in your line of site, past and to the right of the lit-poles, locate a tree at the fence line.
Upon reaching it locate August 7th 1999 Local 9856.
Under the lip of this insignia is a pile of bark and rocks, remove them carefully to find the bag-box.
Please rehide well and out of sight from all angles. Any updates on its condition are appreciated as I live out of the country.

Since you have come so far, take your time in the site and perhaps drive further west on 44.0 1-2 miles to see the old coke ovens, and across the street visit the memorial to the Hasting Mine Explosion.