Go Tigers  LbNA # 40799 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWeeble Boo and mama    
Placed DateJun 11 2008
LocationMount Pleasant, IA
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jul 11 2009
Hike Distance?

***CHECKED ON 3/24/2012- MISSING *******

Park on the IWC campus.
Start at the stairs of the P.E.O. Memorial Library with the Amarillos out front.
Face the building and take the sidewalk to the right.
Passing 2 benches, continue past Old Glory.
Take the next right.
Now you should be close enough to count the stars.
Stop by the black lamp post at a fork in the sidewalk.
Take the left lane for the same number of paces as the stars you just counted.
There the sidewalk divides.
Walk past Old Main to the Beck & Luten Memorial rock.
Read the plaque on the rock.
Turn and take the new sidewalk behind you that starts between two trees until it almost ends.
Approach the lamp post between you and the Harlan-Lincoln House.
To your left are two trees close together.
Walk over and stand between the two trees facing north.
The box is at the base of the tree you face.