Millie  LbNA # 40837 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 11 2008
CountyRock Island
LocationMoline, IL
Planted ByKrispy Bizcocho    
Found By Fuzzy bunny
Last Found Sep 20 2009
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Last EditedDec 16 2015

I guess the box went missing :( We will hopefully make a new one and make new clues.

Every relationship has a story that goes with it. Sometimes you fall in love when you least expect to, and then your life changes forever.

It was springtime when we met at our first rehearsal for the 2007 summer production of Thoroughly Modern Millie put on by the Quad Cities Music Guild. As trumpet players we didn’t know what to think of each other at first, and we barely even said hi to each other at the first rehearsal. Travis thought that Kristin was a cute redheaded girl. Kristin thought Travis was probably too good at trumpet to even think anything of her.

Well, as the season progressed, we flirted and started to enjoy each other’s company quite a bit. The other members of the pit orchestra would turn around to see us gazing at each other, laughing hysterically, or whispering back and forth to each other.

We would find ourselves talking until 3:00 in the morning about anything and everything. We pretty much couldn’t get enough of each other. Then we started letterboxing. We’d never heard of letterboxing before until Travis’s brother told us about it. So, our dates would consist of us finding a new letterbox. You could say it’s “our” special thing. FINALLY, we decided to make it official and become a couple.
We thought it would be cute to make a letterbox where we first met.

Location: Quad City Music Guild/Prospect Park
(For directions, go to

Pull into the circular drive right outside of the music guild parking lot. There will be a set of benches. This is where the audience is dropped off and picked up by the busses that take them to and from the show. There is a map to the left, and a sidewalk behind these benches. Take the sidewalk leading towards the building. Walking towards the back of the building, there will be doors to the left. The last one is the one where we entered for rehearsal every night. After going around the back of the building there is a deck. The top of the deck is where the cast would go to hang out, but since we were in the pit, normally we would stay inside and talk. There are two benches right outside the door to backstage, underneath the deck. Sit at the bench that faces the door that we would go into for performances. Slide all the way to the left and look up. Above the door to the right you will find your surprise.